Jamesia, a seasoned entrepreneur of 10 years, is a small business owner and proud mother of two beautiful daughters, Jaida and Zoe. For two years, Jamesia served under Congressman John Lewis (2016-2018) in District 5. During this time, she used her platform to help provide a voice to those who needed an advocate but felt they had no one on their side. Jamesia earned an Associate of Science in Contracts Management, Associate of Science in Human Resources, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She has been civically engaged and service-minded all of her adult life. In striving for professional success, she remains focused on empowering others and serving communities at large. While supporting Congressman John Lewis, Jamesia tackled tough issues such as Health Care, Education, Federal Prisons, & Social Security. Jamesia is committed to serving her country. She joined the U.S. Air Force shortly after the 9/11 attacks. During her combat tour of duty in Afghanistan, Jamesia received a Joint Service Commendation Medal as well as the NATO Medal. She was recognized for her collaborative efforts with the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. As a standout Airman, Jamesia managed a two billion dollar transportation and security contract which helped to ensure the safety of thousands including military and civilian personnel. Jamesia was initially inspired to run for office by her brother James, and Jamie, her former Air Force supervisor. Both were combat veterans who were negatively impacted by their deployments to Afghanistan. James died in 2018 from an opioid overdose, and Jamie died in 2014 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. As a result, Jamesia is dedicated to spreading awareness of mental health issues and combating the opioid epidemic. She is an advocate for all veterans. As a transplant to Johns Creek, Georgia, from Starke, Florida, Jamesia quickly engaged in community issues and became a voice of reason. Jamesia's ability to connect with people and champion meaningful causes has afforded her the opportunity to empower men and women across the nation.



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